Drive Lines introduces the new LP2 Precision Disc Coupling from R+W.

The LP2 consists of two precisely machined hubs with keyway connection, a spacer, and two flexible disc packs, allowing for a high level of misalignment compensation.

The transmission of torque across the friction fit of the disc packs allows for a high degree of precision with zero backlash and minimal torsional windup.   Larger distances between shaft ends are easily accomodated by custom length spacers, and relatively high speeds can be achieved across those lengths.

The all steel construction lends itself well to fatigue resistance and an infinite service life.

The LP2 is available in 6 sizes with torque ratings ranging from 350 to 10,000Nm.  Together with the model LP1, LP3, and LPA, a very wide variety of industrial application requirements can be met, including all options and requirements for couplings in API 610 pump systems.