Servo gearboxes are likely to be specified in an incredibly wide range of applications, from packaging machines to robots, medical equipment to aerospace, precision engineering and high speed printing presses. The DynaGear range of servo gearboxes has been developed to offer highly dynamic performance yet be flexible for use in many different situations.

Despite the almost-infinite diversity of potential applications most gear specifiers have very similar objectives. They nearly always want one or more (often all) of the following: more torque, less noise, higher efficiency and greater precision.

Recognising that gear applications have more in common than that which divides them, MS-Graessner set out to develop a servo gearbox range that would meet the needs of many potential installations. Whether it is for a specific single piece project or for mass production, its DynaGear range of right angle gearboxes, available exclusively in the UK through Drive Lines Technologies, can provide the optimum solution.

The DynaGear gearbox has been designed for highly dynamic servo applications that require rapid yet precise acceleration and deceleration. Its compact yet rigid design utilises a one piece aluminium housing to ensure the highest performance, while being space and weight efficient.

Specially developed hypoid gearing allows for very high transmission ratios, while reduced torsional backlash (less than, or equal to, 2 arcmin) and positional accuracy are achieved through optimised manufacturing techniques. A friction-locked fit between the shaft and gear ensures this performance. High-quality taper roller bearings are used throughout the DynaGear range to absorb axial and radial loads, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

With sealed lubrication, these gearboxes are maintenance free and can be mounted in any position.

Looking at the range overall, DynaGear units are available in eight sizes from D55 to D190, plus the new D37 ultra-compact model, and can provide gear ratios from 3:1 to 15:1 in single stage format or up to 100:1 in two-stage versions. They can accommodate input speeds as high as 8,000rpm and offer highly dynamic performance thanks to their low mass inertia torque and high torsional stiffness. Conversion efficiency is up to 96%, so power loss is minimal in most applications.

To ensure their universal appeal DynaGear gear units have an external design such that the dimensions are identical for all ratios (except for the HR range which have a planetary pre-stage) and they can be used with all currently available servomotors. Their torsional vibration performance can be set by the selection of an appropriate coupling.

The latest addition to the DynaGear range is the D37. Like all DynaGear units the D37 is based on hypoid gearing, developed from optimised Gleason hypoid gear technology. This allows high transmission ratios and combines excellent positional accuracy with reduced torsional backlash.

For ease of use the D37s, like other DynaGears, can be mounted in any attitude and are lubricated for life so are virtually maintenance-free. With an efficiency rating of 96%, they should make a significant contribution to the reduction of energy consumption compared to other gear units.

Complementing the standard DynaGear range is the DynaGear Economy range, which is able to meet the needs of extremely varied applications across many sectors of industry. The Economy units are all single stage right angle gearboxes, offered in a choice of 5:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1 ratios. Their compact and rigid design ensures excellent operational performance whilst being space and weight efficient. Again efficiency is up to 96% and lubrication is for life, matching the performance of other DynaGear models.

The whole DynaGear series has been designed for near-universal applicability across many sectors of industry. The performance of all DynaGear units can be summarised as designed for highly dynamic servo drive requirements in applications that require a compact drive.