Many of our customers are already familiar with the popular Wörner DEL650 stop range – a reliable, damped stop for effective automation, gently decelerating pallets for defined positions and individual downstream transport.

These electromechanical drives streamline production and automation of precise positioning, offering a significant reduction in impact – up to 95% thanks to the effective damping – compared to similar, undamped stops.

With the popularity of the range, Wörner knew that some environments required the same effectiveness and efficiency, but on a smaller scale – where space is limited, but performance matters.

To meet that need, we now offer the compact DEL630 – the same power, the same impact reduction, the same success – but in a smaller design. This provides space saving and fitment into a dual conveyor or low floor mounted conveyor line where application space is limited but requires an electrical operated stop, which can damp and stop up to 650Kg pallet at 6m/min!




Here you can see the DEL650 and the new, more compact design of the DEL630


Highly efficient, with low operating costs thanks to the electromagnetic drive, the DEL630 also has the benefit of low installation costs by eliminating the time-consuming set ups of pneumatic systems of old, and increases efficiency with the simple release of material flow by lowering the stop plate and anti-bounce stop simultaneously.

In the table below you’ll see the scope of the stops – which show great performance for such a compact unit – and you can see in the images that these DEL630 stops are significantly smaller than their DEL650 counterparts – but lose none of the effectiveness in action.

Scope of application

Propelling force: 280 N

Conveyor speed Pallet weight
06 m/min 45 – 650 kg
09 45 – 610
12 45 – 450
18 45 – 300
24 45 – 190
30 45 – 140


All specifications apply for a coefficient of friction between means of conveyance and pallet of μ = 0.07 and a steel stop. They are experimentally determined and confirmed in endurance and fatigue tests.


If you have specific applications in mind and want to know whether this is the best choice for your needs, give us a call today on 01234 360689 and we can help you to select the best components for your design, and discuss the benefits of this compact range in more detail, or download the product guides to see more detailed specs.