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Drive Lines were part of the design and build process for the Ipswich Flood Defence system – and these mitre gates are a vital component of the wider system designed to protect the area from the risk of flood damage.  This video shows  a feature of the gate which aided their functionality over rail lines: flap seals which could be lowered in position to stop flood water escaping under the gates as, in order to function over the railway lines, clearances for safety are required. Drive Lines suggested a mechanically linked, multiple screw jack arrangement for each gate. This included four MJ1 compact cubic screw jacks with stainless steel construction to protect against the elements. The R+W stainless steel ZAE line shafts transmitted the torque between each jack, and were driven by two robust stainless steel Graessner PowerGear bevel gearboxes. The drive was energised by a marine specification IP67 WELKON/OBEKI Motor from Drive Lines, which completed the required drive package.