Grob High Speed Screw Jacks KH

Grob High Speed Screw Jacks KH

Version G – Translating (Basic)

In Version G (rising spindle) the spindle provides the linear motion. In this design the spindle moves axially through the jack nut. Rotation of the spindle must be prevented; usually by fixing the end of the spindle to the item being moved.

Version LM – Rotating (Travelling)

In Version LM the spindle is axially fixed and linear motion is transmitted to the running nut by rotation of the spindle. The nut must be secured against rotation by fixing to the item or mechanism being moved.


High Speed Screw Jacks contain spiral bevel gear sets made from high quality case hardened alloy steel.

  • Lifting force from 15 kN to 90 kN
  • Linear speeds up to 13.5 m/min
  • 3 sizes in three gear ratios for normal and slow linear speeds using trapezoidal spindles
  • Ball screw options for higher linear speeds
  • Can be mounted in any attitude
  • Generally maintenance free
  • Gear casings are in grey cast iron and have a cubic form
  • Many specials available

In Version AS a travel limiter is fitted to prevent overtravel of the spindle.
In Version VS spindle rotation prevention is included.
In Version AS-VS both overtravel and spindle rotation prevention is provided.